Brand Media

Brand media is own media that is created for the purpose of brand building. Thus neither content services operated by publishing companies, nor websites operated for sales (e-commerce) or e-service purposes, or corporate and brand information portals, publications can be considered brand media. The most common brand communications objectives of brand media are consideration and engagement boost, but we can find examples for brand media created to incite brand image or loyalty, or even trial (promotion), furthermore, to support, influence consumer recommendation.

The main feature of own media is that it ensures full control for the company, therefore the platform of brand media cannot be ensured by a third party, it cannot be a so-called leased media. Therefore, contents published on social media channels (social networks, video and image sharing sites, blog services, chat applications, etc.) do not qualify as own media, and within that, brand media.

Definition: Neo Interactive

Neo Interactive digital content and advertising company has been operating its own brand media for over ten years – including, Médiapédia, HelloBlackFriday or the Book of Digital Media Facts –, furthermore, it has designed, developed and operated the brand media of its current clients, from Dr. Oetker’s Sütnijó, through the CMA award-winning, to Béresmozgás or the former Hiperá, the also content marketing award-winning Lidlkonyha and the international

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